The majority of small business owners now use online marketing channels like websites and social media to grow their company’s reputation and their revenue, according to a report released yesterday (February 7, 2017) by the web services company Despite their embrace of online marketing channels, not all small companies have harnessed the full potential of their online presence.

| An overview of the good and bad of small business use of online marketing

54% | Small business owners who say they’re confident their online presence is doing what it’s supposed to do
42% | Small business owners who say they don’t use both a robust website and social media channel
12% | Say the main purpose of their website is for e-commerce
26% | Say they have only a single-page website
43% | Say they have no plans to change or improve their online presence in 2017

| Who is handling the building and maintenance of small business websites

68% | Handle it in-house or on their own
22% | Outsource it to an agency
9% | Seek help from friends and family

| How small businesses are using social media to market their companies

88% | Are already embracing social media to support their businesses
54% | Plan to invest in social media in 2017
23% | Only use personal social media accounts to market their business

In the research, Facebook ranked as the ‘most effective’ four times more than any other social media channel. Twitter was the next most effective platform, ranking ahead of channels like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Snapchat.

85% | Report encountering challenges when using social media to market their business

The challenges include:

15% | Concern of reputational risks
14% | Are overwhelmed with the upkeep, including the need to constantly develop interesting content
13% | Lack an understanding of how social media may help their business
10% | Knowledge how to set up social media channels and integrate them with their business websites


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