Comcast Business Unveils Roll-out Plans for Gig Speed Internet | 2017

Using its existing cable network, Comcast announces plans to roll out super high-speed internet service.

Google Fiber Stops Rollout Plans in 10 Cities, Apparently Shifting to Wireless Alternative | 2016

Google Fibers recent purchase of a high-speed wireless company signals shift in plans.

Small Town, Rural Broadband Threatened by New State Laws | 2016

State legislatures passing laws banning municipalities from developing high speed internet systems.

How to Speed Up Your Small Business Wi-Fi Network | 2016

If your office wi-fi seems sluggish, here are some reasons why and what you can do to speed it up.

Why Comcast Giving up its Time Warner Cable Acquisition is Good for Small Business | 2015

Competition for fiber-enabled internet access speeds at net-neutrality pricing levels will benefit small businesses.

More Good News From the Front Lines of the Faster Internet Wars | 2015

Time Warner Cable is trying to preempt Google Fiber by upgrading its existing internet network to a digital one–at no additional cost to subscribers.

Comcast Unveils Gigabit Pro, Scorching Fast Fiber ‘Net Access | 2015

Comcast announced it will offer Gigabit Pro, residential 2 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) internet access service to more than 1.5 million customers in Atlanta starting in May (2015).

Google Fiber Announces Rollout to Four More Cities | 2014

Google announced today that it is expanding its high-speed gigabit internet service, Google Fiber, to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham.

American Cities Lag the World in High Speed Low Cost Internet Service | 2014

A comparison of high speed low cost internet service in 24 cities around the world finds the U.S. coming up slow.

Cox Joins Google, AT&T in Super-Fast Internet Race | 2014

Cox Communications has now joined Google Fiber and AT&T in announcing plans to offer super-fast fiber access to the internet.