As we note often in the Guide to Marketing With Photos, we believe a camera is one of the most important tools those who run a small business can use to tell their company’s story and sell its products or services. There are times when you should call on the services of a professional photographer: commercial fashion, architectural, portraiture and advertising photography are a few examples. However, with the advent of ubiquitous cameras (that fit in one’s pocket or bag) and social media marketing, you can help grow your business and sell your product if you learn how to be a better photographer.

The key to better photography can be explained in one word: Light!

If you learn how light interacts with the lens of a camera, you are half-way to being a good photographer. For close-up photography, how you use light in a photograph can make-or-break a sale. Professionals spend lots of time and money on studio space and equipment with which they can control the light and color in order to capture the essence of a product.

For the rest of us, the cost of the equipment and space may make us think the studio option is out of our reach. However, the how-to video below from the web magazine The Cooperative of Photography is filled with great ideas for using free or easy-to-find low-cost materials to create a small space Do-it-Yourself (DIY) photo studio for small, medium and even large objections.

Tip | The key to improving your marketing-with-photography skills is to practice, practice, practice. Take lots and lots of the types of photos that will show off your products at their best.

VIA | The Cooperative of Photography

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